2018 Career Fair

The Nigerian labour market is currently facing a huge skills and talent gap, in which finding the right employee for any particular role has become a great challenge faced by many companies across the various industries. This is not because talent and skill are unavailable, but rather as a result of the lack of awareness and poor sourcing techniques. Quality talent and well-honed skill are readily available when rightly sourced. At JSK Consulting Group, we are taking a stand to bridge that recruitment gap. We strongly believe in helping our clients achieve success by applying the most efficient tools and processes.

We have gathered over 1000 carefully selected applicants who have been pre-screened according to the required competences. They will participate in a highly competitive job fair giving you access to a massive pool of skills and specialties from various fields of study. We are pleased to invite you to participate in the upcoming career fair currently scheduled for 2018.

The fair will be of great benefit to your organizations in the following ways:
  1. Access to a large pool of tested and pre-qualified candidates
  2. Third party screening process that prevents against any internal bias
  3. Highly competitive process with over 1,000 applicants
  4. Brand visibility on all media platforms and event creatives
  5. Exhibition provides avenue for marketing any new company products or services
  6. Engaging and informative environment at the fair different from typical recruitment settings
  7. Saves company/organization both time and money
  8. Provides insight into current employment/job skills gap in the market
For further inquiries, please contact… Kemi Onadiran: 08081955235 or Sarah Wusu: 08131838390

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